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Hope for the Home

Jerry Drace

Welcome and thank you for visiting HOPE FOR THE HOME. This web site is presented by the Jerry Drace Evangelistic Association and is the result of several years of listening, speaking and writing on the family and the many facets which that word entails. Intact families. Single parent families. Separated families. Traditional families. Nuclear families. Blended families. Inside each of these components we have husbands and fathers, wives and mothers, babies and children, adolescents and teenagers. We have brothers and sisters, stepbrothers and stepsisters, stepfathers and stepmothers. Indeed, the word family which is taken from the Latin word "familia" meaning household, has taken on increased significance in the twenty-first century.

HOPE FOR THE HOME is a week end conference designed to help the pastor in his ongoing challenge of ministering to the most important unit of society - the Family. Since 1975 Jerry Drace has served as an evangelist to churches throughout the United States and numerous international countries. He has served pastors in mega churches and mission churches. Dr. Drace has listened to these men of God who have shared that one of their greatest challenges is meeting the needs of those individuals who comprise - the Family.

HOPE FOR THE HOME was created to effectively minister to nine major groups which come under the umbrella of - the Family. Through the preaching on Sunday and the specialized sessions during the weekend Dr. Drace and his wife, Becky, address the concerns of : Married Couples, Senior Citizens, Mothers of Teenagers and Children, the Divorced, Teenagers, Single Young Adults, Parents of Teens and Preteens, Husbands, Wives, and the Church Family.

HOPE FOR THE HOME could be exactly what your church or community needs. It is designed for both the local church and a community wide effort. It is cross cultural in its appeal and nondenominational in its presentation. The theme for the conference is, "Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it," Psalm 127:1.  If you have families who need encouragement, it would be our joy to hear from you today.


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