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Jerry and Becky Drace

Jerry and Becky Drace

I have asked fellow servants like yourself both nationally and internationally what is today's greatest challenge in the pastorate. Their responses were unanimous, "Ministering to the needs of the various family structures in their churches." Intact families. Single parent families. Separated families. Youth. College/Career. Parents of teens. Senior citizens. Widows/Widowers. All these groups come under the umbrella called - FAMILY.

In 1993, the Jerry Drace Evangelistic Association introduced a new segment of our ministry - HOPE for the HOME. It is designed to help the pastor in his ongoing challenge of ministering to the most important unit in society - the FAMILY.

From my BS in pre-Med at Union University, to my MDiv, in New Testament-Pastoral Care at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, to my DMin, in Evangelism and Spiritual Development at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, I have maintained an intense interest in reaching the families in our revivals and crusades. Dr. James Dobson, President Emeritus of Focus on the Family, encouraged me to continue this unique ministry to the church along with scores of pastors with whom we have worked. Becky has her MSW from Union University.  Her insights and teachings are a vital part of this special weekend conference called HOPE for the HOME.

We have conducted approximately 300 HOPE for the HOME CONFERENCES throughout the United States and Great Britain. Follow up evaluations from pastors report of marriages being restored, parents and their teens communicating, divorced individuals finding the strength to forgive and the power to heal, teenagers bringing their friends to Jesus, singles discovering God's plan for their lives, and senior saints recommitting themselves to serve God in various ministries.

    "I have observed Jerry in eight totally different settings this weekend and he truly connected with every family component in our church. From the senior citizen to the teenager, he had everyone listening, laughing and sometimes crying. His sensitive, caring approach comes across in the personalized sessions as well as the pulpit."

    Mark Bordeaux, pastor, Westside Baptist Church, Sumter, SC

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